Thursday, August 10, 2017

TK TrichoKare Award-winning Hair Treatment (An awesome experience)

Being the Human Resource Manager for a group of businesses for 3 different industries both locally and internationally. Singapore alone, HR team is serving about 400 headcount and number is still growing to date due to rapid expansion. Looking at the structure, it is not difficult to imagine my scope and schedule when I'm at work in the day?
Everyday I am aiming towards 3 daily KPIs (I've set for myself). There must be a reason why work life balance is important. 

So, here are my daily KPIs (Key Performance Indicators);

1st: Give my very best in making sure my time spent everyday at work is contributed at the TOP of productivity rate
2nd: Making sure planning, delegating, coaching and completing tasks/projects timely with the most productive yet effective ways.
3rd: 'DOT DOT' leave office! Lolols! 

Anyway, most of the days the sky is already dark when I reached home due to the travelling time.. So.... Some days in order to reserve more time for the kids, the parents and hub....... I'll skipped washing my hair? lols.

EeeeeeWWWWWW......! I know right.
Then, as days goes by, I tend to wash my hair like twice a week? Is it yucky? Goodness. Initially I really think it’s fine cos my day job is in office environment not much sweat! 
But after that day I went to TrichoKare for a hair scan, I got a shock of my life!
And best of all, the treatment I've enjoyed there is really comfortable.... One word, SHIOK. 

Every morning I wake up to hair like this. 

Heard a lot of rave about the treatments in TrichoKare. 
Many other influences have tried and give their thumps up and good testaments.

It must be really effective for hair treatments to be done at TrichoKare! Especially when it comes to healthy hair growth, preventing hair fall and hair loss!

TrichoKare is the people’s choice in hair and scalp treatment and has received numerous awards over the years such as The Singapore Women’s Weekly Hair Awards 2017 - Best Volumising Treatment For Thinning Hair

Elle Beauty 2017 - Best Treatment For Hair Loss, Daily Vanity – Top 10 Trusted Hair Treatment Centre 2017 and many more.

I accepted the invitation AND

My virgin experience STARTS.... 

Beautiful, simple yet comfortable place adorned with European-style furnishings to relax and rejuvenate... Everybody should try at least one time. 

I am sure you will love them like I do.

Here is one of my sincere and friendly hair expert. She is accessing my scalp condition. Erm.... Am a little worry. Cos (I didn't wash my hair for 3 days prior to the visit)

Learnt a lot from her! Especially knowing the condition of my scalp shock me. I only wished I should have come earlier!

Am really feeling glad that I went... Still not too late. Otherwise, think I would have gone bald in no time. Many tell me, my hair looks beautiful! But actually it's bad. 

Not just the hair ends but my scalp as well. Because healthy hair began with the scalp and ends is about maintaining. 

The Advanced Tricho Hair Test revealed that my hair is ageing faster than my age!!

And this is how bad it is. See the white spots?

The white spots (big and small) are clots blockage and oily grease stuck at the roots and scalp on my head. These are preventing the growth of my new hair and the cause of my excessive hair fall. Meaning to say, my hair fall rate shoots up but new hair cannot grow out. They are blocked! This results in hair thinning and brittle hair strands, which is the reason why my hair has aged faster than it should.
Goodness. I think this is also the cause of my frequent migraine and itchiness. Eeeewwwww!
Super worried. Asking my consultant how ah........ Please help me.... 

Settling myself in the super cosy room.

All treatments are customised based on your hair and scalp conditions, after the test and Q&A with their lovely hair expert, she recommend the new anti-ageing hair treatment,

Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment

This treatment helps to fight signs of ageing hair such as Thinning hair, Grey hair, Dryness, Brittleness, Lacklustre etc. It is specially developed to help both men and women counteract age-related changes in the density and diameter of their hair.

This hair treatment utilities their latest innovation, the Oxyjet technology, which replenishes essential nutrients to the scalp and rejuvenates hair roots to make your hair look thicker and more youthful. Besides this, the treatment regime will be customized by their haircare experts to your needs, to ensure that you get the most effective results.

(In my head was like *SOBS* COME COME COME. DO IT! DO IT!)

The scalp purification mask was applied on my scalp. It was cooling and soothing with a slight scent of lemongrass. It helps to deeply cleanse the hair by removing impurities and excess sebum while regulating the scalp sebum. 

The application takes up to 20 minutes to detox my scalp and absorb the nutrients.

She's soooo sweet and pleasant girl.... I like this type. So asked her got boyfriend? How old lah, any siblings, study where etc. etc. till Ah Teng scold me. LOLOLS.
I just want to find my potential daughter in law mah.... Cannot meh...

Talk about Ah Teng. Asked her to be my photographer for the day, know what she did? The first thing she did was check people's comfortable chair and trouble people on the massage chair for her? See.

While I continued with the treatment....

The wash was professionally done by one of their hair expert. They massage each and every single pressure point and the soothing botanical hair wash will deeply cleanse and regulate the pH balance of your scalp and remove the dead skin and grime.

This lady here is super passionate about her job I tell you! 
Chatting with her makes me feel full of hope and inspiration!

The latest Oxyjet technology uses pulsed oxygen pressure, an infusion of pure oxygen and nutrients are "shot" into the deep layers of the scalp. The active ingredients are able to penetrate deeply into the scalp without needles, which means it is all gentle, effective and safe! This process results in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.

Key ingredients used:
Emu Oil
·       Boost the diameter and thickness of each hair
·       Reactivate 80% of dormant hair follicles
Gingko Biloba extract
·       Counteract signs of scalp ageing
·       Boost collagen to increase new hair growth

I was feeling more refresh and my scalp was squeaky clean! The scalp massage was so good that anybody can fall asleep while doing the treatment.
I close my eyes........ feeling...... SONG.(comfortable.....)

Everyone, MUST GO for at least once I never bluff you. 

Especially if you have the common hair or/and scalp problems like hair loss, hair fall, hair thinning, greasy/sensitive scalp, dandruff, greying hair and ageing scalp! 
There are also cases like family history (Hereditary): Inheritance of baldness gene, hormonal changes etc.

The more commonly are Childbirth, Menopause, stress (physical or mental stress), diet (low protein diet or calorie-restricted diet and lack of balanced nutrients), lifestyle (excessive hair-styling), medical conditions (medication: Thyroid, Diabetes, radiation, chemotherapy etc. and ageing... As people age, their rate of hair growth slows....

DO NOT let it worsen please.
Know the signs and treat the problem at its roots before its condition worsens. 
TrichoKare has helped over 10,000 of customers regain their hair and scalp health, offering a wide range of services to help hair re-growth, Hair Loss and all the above said!

The infrared therapy light helps to improve blood circulation in your scalp, open up the pores and clean up your hair roots and prevent the follicles from becoming dormant! This intensive regeneration encourages activity on the cellular level to promote hair growth and restore your hair to its former glory while soothing your scalp. 


While waiting to do final scan, I selfie abit.

I seldom got this pretty. Allow me to spam a few more please. 

My hair FEELS like REBORN! So light, so clean and so FRESH!

Final test after the treatment.


You don't have to be an expert in order to be able to understand/read the scan results. I am not either. 

Because it’s so obvious! There is not a single white spot/patches as shown in the bottom photo! So clean now!

And I can also see the pores has baby hairs (roots) finally coming out from my scalp. Most importantly just after one session, the sebum buildup and grease were completely removed and my scalp is visibly clean and clear. I am extremely satisfied with the results!

After the Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment, My hair feels like they are younger by 20 years old just like me!

And throughout the several days, my scalp still felt squeaky clean and fresh, lasting up to the next day without washing! 

Even those days the weather were so humid! But my scalp was perfectly free from itch for days! 

It has been almost 2 weeks, my hair fall has reduced SO MUCH my goodness!
Am experiencing little to NO hair fall throughout the following week! 

Usually Aini will be required to clear hairballs of hair after me washing my hair, but NOT after the treatment and it last for almost 2 weeks!


YOU TOO! MUST go and experience it yourself!
They are having a super good deal for the Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment!

You gotta BOOK your appointment NOW for 

Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment 
@ $40 and get to receive FREE Hair Care Kit + HairGRO Serum 


Please pardon my spamming of photos, again : )

Thank you TrichoKare for the awesome experience!

I will be back again!

Friday, July 14, 2017


Am sharing my encounter of being scammed SGD$2000 by a 23 years old guy name, 


I am hoping by sharing this, many of you would be more cautious before you transfer your hard earned money to someone you don't know. And please email me if you know him or is/was a victim too. My email is

Oh. MOST IMPORTANTLY, Do not be like me... Thought that's quite a good deal to earn that extra for the family but end up conned.. Funny hor? Ya. I thought so too. LOL So it's fine. Let's laugh together ya? Lolols. My 4 sisters specially came up to my house to laugh at me too.πŸ™„ And I find myself funny too. So, I am cool. πŸ˜„

How it happened;

On 8 July 2017 (Saturday) about 10.50am, while the girls were still sleeping, I was browsing through my favorite trade, buy and sell app called 'Carousell' on my phone. Its a really nice platform to be honest. I've made quite a number of lovely people from there who are now my friends! 😍😍😍 

On that fateful day, came across this post, where a seller post some Chanel bags but without any indication if they are authentic. 

Most of the time I'll skip when it says NA, boutique grade, 1.1, AAA. It's just a personal preference, principle and social responsibility for myself. In Carousell, most sellers would indicate any one of the above if its not authentic. Have not came across one who indicates the items are authentic when they are not until YEO DENG XIANG DESMOND came into the picture..

So I asked, and he replied "YES" Honestly, when I see that reply I do felt doubtful.

Then he asked for my number. 

Now, I must preempt you. This is Desmond Yeo's style. The reason of him asking for your contact is because, he is also worried. He worry you might be one of his ex victim before. And when that is cleared and you trust his words, then CONGRATULATIONS! 

The 'prize place' would greatly depends on how naive/innocent you are. : ) 

And if you believe his bullshit then on behalf of the club, I would like to,
"WELCOME you to the Desmond Yeo's Victim's club, FYL"

In the club, the first question we fellow people would ask another is....

"How Much you've got scammed?" 

So, the dua kor dai (BIG POTATO) me somehow believed?  

He is selling these bags because his ex wife left and he is clearing her stuff out from the house. Reason why I would believe is, when I left ex with the two boys many years ago, he also cleared all my stuff. But into the bin I guess? πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

Anyway, I believed him! Ikr..... Come, πŸ‘ for me.🀦

Now, if I remembered correctly, he is committing not only one crime (scam) here. But lot more. And I am praying for all the counterfeit brands he had sold coming after him. He to be put behind bars, could no longer cheat anyone again. Stay in there for the rest of his life, happily ever after. 

We all know that, a mere offer to sell counterfeit products can also trigger counterfeiting liability. For example, an individual offered to sell counterfeit bag and provided a form of 'sample' to another. Proof of actual production or sale of the bag wasn’t necessary to prove counterfeiting. 

Meaning, you don't need receipts to prove the sale/transaction of the products. As long as there is proof of the intention to sell proves the infringement.

Similarly, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that hosted several websites selling fake Louis Vuitton merchandise could be liable for contributory infringement. 

But this Yeo Deng Xiang Desmond lagi power because his lying skills machiam POKEMON can EVOLVE and LEVEL UP!

If you look at his past works here, you'll know what I am saying;

So I continued to ask him, if he has everything? Everything means box, dust bag, authentic card and stuff. He replied "yes" So usually when seller says have all these, you'll more or less be convinced?

Then he quickly text me through WhatsAPP.

From 8 July 2017, 2.49pm to 9 July 2017, 2.11am, we communicated through WhatsAPP. 

Screenshot A shows date and time of the start through WhatsAPP.

Screenshot A

Screenshot (1) onward were retrieved from web WhatsAPP mail.

Screenshot (1)

Screenshot (2)
Note that I did told him that he is selling at a much lower price.

Screenshot (3)
Scammer asked me don't run away?! Cos he dont have time to come and look for me. 
See? This is one of the small talks he made which kind off convinced me.

Screenshot (4)
Scammer said this is such a petty sum, he would be nuts if he were to run for the petty sum!

WHAT A SI LANG KIA! Play mind games!😑

Screenshot (5)
So I stupidly did my first transfer of SGD$1000 to the bank account he gave.

Screenshot (6)
He sent me 2 photos of Chanel necklace saying its free gifts for me. Told me he will include these and he let me know first. 
BOY! He sure know auntie likes free gifts! lols WTH.

Know what? Now this is the time am still feeling blessed after I realize I've fallen into his scam.... 

As in, I didn't buy the Rolex watch from him because 95% of my savings were given to Ah Teng for her lawsuit. lolols!

Cos when I see this Rolex watch, I showed hub. Told him
 "θ€ε…¬δ½ ηœ‹!δ»–ζœ‰θΏ™δΈͺ"

Then hub told me, now see also no use. We don't have the money now. Hehe. Cos he promised to get me a Rolex watch in year 2018 Jan 8 since about 3 years ago.

Why Rolex and why 8 Jan 2018?

Because 8 Jan is our 15 years Anniversary. And 8 Jan 2018 is our 7th year Wedding Anniversary.

I've always wanted to buy a Rolex watch since I started working. Hub knows that. So he has been moving towards this goal of getting me one on our 7th year wedding anniversary. 

But with Ah Teng's case, no need to think about it anymore. Lols. So I kinda feel blessed I don't have the money to buy from him. HAHAHA this is the only time I am grateful to my sister. KNS.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Of course I ll be more than happier for my money to be with my sister than this si lang kia right? BUT Still, FML. lols

Screenshot (7)

Screenshot (8)
To think I was still worrying for him, if his 'EX-WIFE' would be angry if she found out that he sold all her stuff. I also worry that if his 'EX-WIFE' were to return, this might be a hinder to their patching up. So told him to think twice.

Screenshot (9)
SI LANG KIA told me there are more in the room where he would let me see. And if you read properly?

 This guy makes small talks like "I don't understand her sometimes........ (the 'her' refer to his 'EX-WIFE' and all these small talks explains why I would believe all these lies from him are true! FML.

Screenshot (10)

Screenshot (11)
KNS show me these. My favorite brand some more. SI LANG KIA. Make me gien. Lols.

Screenshot (12)
SI LANG KIA still tell me don't know price. He scammed so many people since year 2010 still tell me don't know the price! Really. This one is one big PU BOR KIA. 

See?! Say his mother want some of them? His lies are always made up of his mother, father, brother, sister, wife etc. etc. if you read the links here they are almost all the same:

Screenshot (13)
Arrhhhh! DOO See ?! He say his sister wants some of them!

Screenshot (14)
So the deal was 7 bags at $3500 in total. And he asked for another $1000 as deposit. Because he say he is arranging for external 3rd party courier. So he need a deposit of at least SGD$2000.

Screenshot (15)

Screenshot (16)
Here, he said he had already passed them to the driver.

Screenshot (17)
Passed delivery time. And he is still lying.

Screenshot (18)
This is the time, I realized it's a scam.

Screenshot (19)
SI LANG KIA no respond.

Screenshot (20)
Sending him these hoping he still has some conscience but apparently not.
He replied only after I've posted on my IG stories asking for more information of his number.

Screenshot (21)
Text him in the app again but no respond.

Screenshot (22)

Screenshot (23)
He didnt reply in the Carousell app.

Screenshot (24)
Until the next day, 9 July 2017 (Sunday)
Managed to obtained some information of a person who might be related to him in some way. 
See here? He say he will give me those items on 10 July 2017 instead. 
The OCBC and POSB are the accounts provided by him. I've transferred  $1000 into each. 
But I highly suspect it may be his old victims account. He is scamming new victims to pay old victims who might be pressing him for payment now. So my money might be transferred into the bank account belonging to his old victims.

Screenshot (25)
He replied only after I posted the scam with his number on my Instagram IG Stories, asking if anyone know the person of this number please let me know alternative way(s) to contact him because he took my SGD$2000 without letting me have the promised items.

Screenshot (26)
Some money come in? I'll rather not if he return me the money from scamming others!
Just like he scammed mine to return others.
When I see him begging, one side of me soften and the inner me told me to give him a chance. So asked him to tell me what are his difficulties and just what on earth is happening?! 
Still can't believe this is happening!

Screenshot (27)
Whereas, another inner voice called out to me to not believe a single word from this person anymore.

Screenshot (28)
Then he called me. Goodness, he sounded sooooo young! So, I soften. At this time, my sisters were scolding me when I decided to give him time to return me the sum. They wanted me to ask him for his IC, at the very least we know who on earth is the person who scammed my money. 

See what he wrote? Don't wish to implicate his love ones? THEN WHY STILL DO IT?!

Screenshot (29)
To be very honest, I wanted to give him the chance so many times. Especially when he said his father beat him badly after the mother left.

Screenshot (30)
A scammer who cheated my money, begging me to give him a chance is still negotiating terms with me. 

Can you believe it?!

Screenshot (31)
After I've got his full name, I started to google his information online.

Screenshot (32)
While he continue to bullshit me.

At this point of time, information about him started to come in from various anonymous people
His father's full name, NRIC number, his auntie full name and NRIC number and all their addresses! Even when they last check in hotel I also know WTH! 

From the father IC number, I know his father is old... 

Screenshot (33)

Screenshot (34)

Then just when my εŒζƒ…εΏƒ started to ζ³›ζ»₯ again......... More information came in and we found out MORE! Goodness. This guy has been cheating since the age of about 15 years old!

Some screenshots from the link;

The contact numbers he used to scam the public. The current number he is using might be belonging to another person. Received an information from anonymous, he owned quite a huge sum of money to some telecommunication provider.

And the number of police cases reported. What about those not reported?! 
After my IG post, I've received so many messages from people who were cheated by him.

His name is everywhere! 

2 screenshots from this link;
See how many threads he has?! And how many pages there are in one thread my goodness. 

What kind of person this is?!

Finally I have a conclusion. This PU POR KIA is much more famous than ME. lols

Screenshot (35)
He wanted me to take down my IG stories post about him.

Screenshot (36)
Maybe he thinks is my problem for causing him to be in this plight? 

Maybe he think Limpeh is his mother?

Since he is scare of his dirty cheating ways to be exposed in social media right? 
I shall use this to ask him to PAY ME BACK MY MONEY. Because, I've called his father several times, left him voice recording and messages.

Heard his father voice the first time, he said he don't know who and I've dialed the wrong number. He then hang up my call and blocked me. Since I couldn't call him in his mobile, I called his home too.
And left a firm message to the HELPER (DOMESTIC MAID), asked her to write down my particulars and convey the message to his brother, sister in law and father

Till now no one call. None in the family is willing to talk about this but prefer to go into hiding.

Screenshot (37)

Screenshot (38)
THIEF is angry.
Perhaps THIEF really thought I am his mother?

Screenshot (38)
Seeing this which looks like a suicide note, I got worried again. Called AND EMAILED this to the IO in charge. Then quickly console him. 

Encouraged him to be strong. Face the music strongly etc, etc.


Screenshot (39)

Screenshot (40)
He mentioned he has a lawyer... Hmmm....... 
So at this point of time he is still looking for loopholes to prove his innocence?



PU POR KIA write like It suddenly become my fault? LOLS. Honestly, reading his messages I don't know if I should be angry or laugh.

Screenshot (41)

Screenshot (42)
So now he thinks I am his grandmother? A thief who cheated my money, wasted so much of my time is now blaming me for his misfortune and calling my blog a grandmother blog?

Best joke is, he said he has much more meaningful things to do? Lololols 

That was my last message to this young man because I am speechless. Totally hopeless this young man. 

To summarize his whole long message, he is basically telling me "You fuck it up, initially I was thinking of returning your money to you, but you fuck it up, you fuck me up. That's it. There goes your money" 

Yes, you could say that. Since I've posted this, he might as well don't return me my money. 
But know what? $2000 is important to my family at this point of time yes. 

BUT, if the whole world is only about ME, MYSELF OR MINE, what's the meaning of life? 

Objective of this post is not about $2000 anymore. Objectives are; 

1. to raise awareness to as much people as I can, that a BIG TIME SCAMMER like YEO DENG XIANG DESMOND is still at large out there. BEWARE. And I believe there are much more similar scammers like him. Do not easily believe these online purchasing especially when they asked for money first.

2. Pray that the authority would PUT HIM IN JAIL preferably with some CANNING for the repeatedly scams. 

Only God can save him and no one else.

AND YEO DENG XIANG DESMOND, FOR YOUR INFORMATION, your grandmother's ME my writings here is worth much more than you can imagine. One blog post here could easily pay off quite some people you've scammed. Today considered yourself lucky cos you got it for free. And most importantly, it's a hard work of mine, earned wholly by myself.

HONESTLY and INTEGRITY cannot be bought nor be tagged with a price. I hope one day you will realize how precious they are. With them in us, we will for sure be rewarded with much more things you can never imagine.

I've decided not to disclose your family details. But you? Sorry I cant keep my promise. Because, at this date you are still scamming and cheating others of their hard earn money. 
You might be thinking, why would I say this to accuse you?  

No worries. When the time is ripe, I'll tell you why. Till the next time.....